Fresh, Local Farm Raised Meats

Family Owned & Operated in Attica, NY.


For generations, our family has had a passion for agriculture. From dairy farming to agricultural construction to beef farming, we have been in the agriculture industry for over 60 years.

Processing Disclosure

We process all beef and pork under full USDA inspection. This is great for the farmer. What this means is that the farmer can now legally sell their meat in individual cuts instead of the traditional quarter, half or whole. USDA processing benefits everyone involved from the farmer to the customer, providing all with a service and product of the highest quality. All products will be labeled for resale with USDA processing. The livestock may be subject to residue testing. Meat may be subject to microbial sampling as well. Livestock and product picked for this testing will be held until test is complete. Please be advised, USDA processing fees differ from custom as we ensure quality every step of the way.

For beef over 30 months of age:

Beef over 30 months of age must be completely boned out during processing to prevent any contamination of the meat. After 30 months, any illness in the animal can be store in the bones and be harmful to humans during consumption. Therefore, it is very important to be upfront and honest about the age of your animal.  We slaughter these animals last to keep the kill floor running smoothly. If you don’t know the age of your animal, please just let us know so we can determine its age. Visual traits of the carcass and dentition postmortem (condition of teeth, after death) are observed to know an approximate age of the animal.


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