For generations, our family has had a passion for agriculture. From dairy farming to agricultural construction to beef farming, we have been in the agriculture industry for over 60 years.

It started with Great Grandpa Leonard Piechocki’s dairy farm in Darien. In 1957 they had a barn fire which led them to buy a farm in Alexander that our family still owns today. He farmed there with his sons for the next decade or so while also being a cattle hauler and livestock dealer.The next generation took a turn toward construction when our grandfather, Robert Piechocki, decided to become a builder. He set up his first first shop in Attica. He spent many years building for farmers all around the area. In the 1980’s, he decided to move to Florida to continue to build where farmers from Western New York were expanding. He then decided that dairy farming was his calling and started his farm in 1996 in Bell, Florida where he became a pioneer in the dairy industry and lived the rest of his life as a farmer milking over 1200 cows. Our father Robert Piechocki Jr. “Bob” continues building for commercial and agricultural businesses all over Western New York for over 38 years, with farming always being a hobby that meant much more. And so it began. What started with a few beef cows grew into a large heard of cows and calves just years later and became a family beef farm. Grandpa Robert Piechocki often referred to his grandsons jokingly, as the “burly brothers” because they could grow beards by the time they were thirteen and with that, Burly Brothers Land & Cattle Co. LLC was born! As the next generation we are excited to serve the community in a new way. Burly Brothers Country Butchery is here to provide your family with the quality that they deserve, now and for generations to come.